Davang Quarter Horses

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Bree is a neat mare. She is unregistered, but worth her weight in gold.  She taught Kallyn how to compete and ride, and is automatic on the pattern.  She can be jiggy in the alley, but is completely an "autopilot" barre horse in the arena. She is a solid youth 2D barrel horse (in both a 3D and a 4D format- not sure how she is always that lucky!) and an open 3D barrel horse. 

She has won Kallyn two saddles (GCBRA Youth 2D, NBHA TX 34 Open 3D), numerous buckles, and even won Payton Powell a saddle in 2005 (GCBRA youth 2D).

We have owned Bree for many years, and if the *right* family comes along, we may consider selling her.