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Zoom is currently recovering from stifle surgery and will return to competition February, 2014. Zoom had such a great 4YO year, we could not explain why as a 5 year old she was not doing as well as she could.  After months of tuning, vet checks, and frustration, Zoom was finally diagnosed with a chip in her stifle.  Zoom is a perfect example of why you need a TEAM working on your horses. Thanks to our dear friend/mentor/trainer Jan Powell, wonderful vets Danny Dutton and Weston Davis, and a nagging hunch from Lauren, Zoom was diagnosed and operated on in October of 2013.  The surgery went perfect and she is starting her legging up for the 2014 season! 

February 2013- Zoom made her first 1D run at the GCBRA 2/16/13! It was at the bottom of the 1D but we still made it in there!

Zoom won the Wrapn3 Derby Sidepot Saturday 2/23! She also won 6th in the open 2D, with 296 in the open! Check out the video below

Zoom places 7th in the 1D out of 160 horses at the 4/13/13 GCBRA at Rosenberg! One out of the money in the open, and 1st in the novice!

Zoom is a 2008 filly by SHAZOOM out of DASHIN LA JOLLA.  Both her sire and dam are now in Brazil.  Zoom was purchased July 2011 as a 3 year old off the track.  

Zoom landed in the open 3D her third run in competition, and won her first check in the open 4D at a GCBRA on 7/21/12.

Zoom's 7th and 8th competitive runs were actually at the Athens and Denton PRCA rodeos! Lauren was out of releases and could not take Lucy, so knowing the fees had to get paid anyway, she ran Zoom just for experience. She actually handled everything pretty well- and had to run in standing water at Denton. Of course she didn't pull a check, but she handled the road great and only ran a "little" green!

Zoom's 9th run was 8/24/12 at the B.R.A. Region 6 race at Rosenberg.   Gentry Moseley and Disco won the open 1D with a 15.8, and Zoom ran a 16.6.

The next day there was a GCBRA barrel race also at Rosenberg.  The third barrel had been moved several feet back, making the pattern a little bit bigger than Friday's race. Even with the change, Brittany Pozzi and Be A Magnolia Runner smoked the field with a 15.622- winning the open by almost 3 tenths. Second place was a 15.9 and there were only 4 in the open 1D. Zoom ran a 16.225 and won 3rd in the open 2D, running the 7th fastest time out of over 180 runners!

We haven't even began to tap into everything she has.

Zoom had a great first trip to the ANHA shootout! She finished 16th in the open 3D on Saturday, just missing the shootout. On Sunday, she ran a 17.883 on a standard pattern, also hitting the open 3D (a 16.769 won the 1D)

We cannot WAIT to see where Zoom goes in the future! 

Ohmigosh's oldest half sister, Stol The Day by STOLI, is already a producer of a AAAT, stakes placed colt, Struttinthedayaway

Ohmigosh's half sister Dashin Czar had a stellar start to her futurity career, earning over $77,000 in her first week of competition at the BFA World Championships with jockeys Troy Crumrine and Jolene Montgomery! Dashin Czar won 2nd in the BFA $uper $takes, won the Future Fortunes Juvenile Stallion Slot Race, placed in the 1st go of the Juvenile, won the 2nd go of the Juvenile, and won the average of the Juvenile race. Dashin Czar is owned by Matt and Bendi Dunn. 

Both of Ohmigosh's sire and dam are Stakes Winners!

Ohmigosh is by SHAZOOM out of DASHIN LA JOLLA



Stol The Day- SI 91 starts 12 wins 4 seconds 1 thirds 2 $22,542 stakes finalist

La Jollas Quest (deceased) SI 83 starts 8 wins 1 seconds 1 thirds 1 $7,395

Insideman- SI 96 starts 17 wins 4 seconds 1 thirds 2 $25,011

Dashing Czar SI 85- 2010 filly by Tres Seis 7 starts 1 second, $2600 *Current Barrel Racing LTE $77,000*