Davang Quarter Horses

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1D Performer AND 1D PRODUCER with BOTH of her foals that are old enough to hit the arena!!! 

***UPDATE*** Reckless Lucy's 2nd foal to hit the arena clocks in the Open 1D on her first time to enter, running 0.28 off the 1D Winner and placing 6th out of 97!!! We are so proud of Lucy and the legacy she is leaving us! 

Reckless Dash X Leavem Lucille (Bugs Alive in 75)

Accomplishments Include:

Two Time PRCA Rodeo winner, filled WPRA Permit

Lucy won the 2011 Waller County PRCA rodeo running a 14.97

Lucy won the 2012 Grimes County PRCA rodeo running an 18.16

Lucy placed 7th at the 2015 Crosby, TX PRCA Rodeo 16.37

Reckless Lucy ran a 17.50 at the 2011 ANHA shootout, qualifying for the open 2D shootout round

With previous owner Reckless Lucy won 4th in the 1D at the 2010 ANHA Shootout running a 17.203, and placed in the 1D at the Jurassic Classic with a 14.9 at Glen Rose. 

2011 2nd place Friday and Saturday night at the Victoria Lester Meier Open Pro rodeo ($682)

2013- off to have foal

2014 season- foaled April 2014, returned to competition August 2014. 

Lucy's first run back in competition after being bred in 2013- two out of the open 1D Money

9/27/14- Reckless Lucy runs a 17.039 for 3rd in the Open 1D and 2nd in the Adult 1D GCBRA Alvin Jackpot

10/11/14- Lucy places 6th in Open 1D and 3rd in Adult 1D at the GCBRA Lomax Jackpot

10/25/14- Lucy wins the open 2D and Adult 2D At the GCBRA Finals

11/1/14- Lucy tips a barrel at the Friday warm up in Glen Rose for a 15.1

Reckless Lucy in just two months of competition helped seal the GCBRA Open 1D 3rd Place year end title as well as Reserve Champion in the Adult 1D. 

2015 Season

Reckless Lucy wins 7th in Open 1D, 3rd in Adult 1D at the GCBRA Rosenberg 1/31/15 $29

Reckless Lucy runs a 15.39 Friday and a 15.25 Saturday at the Marshall City Arena, clocking just out of 2D money and open 1D money with over 400 runners!

Reckless Lucy wins 1st in the open 1D and 1st in the adult 1D and the fastest time over two days with a 14.56 at the GCBRA in Wharton for $260

Reckless Lucy wins 3rd in the open 1D and 2nd in the adult 1D at the GCBRA in Angleton 5/23/15 for $172

Reckless Lucy wins 2nd in the open 1D and 1st in the adult 1D at the GCBRA in Lomax for $211

Reckless Lucy places 7th at the Crosby, TX PRCA Rodeo $167

Reckless Lucy places 7th at the Bryan, TX PRCA rodeo June 28 for $145

Reckless Lucy wins 2nd in the open 1D (Only 3 in the open 1D) and First in the Adult 1D (only 2 in the Adult 1D) at the GCBRA 8/8/15 Angleton for $216

Reckless Lucy wins the open 2D (6th horse overall) at the GCBRA in Lomax with a 15.9 for $152 9/20/15

Reckless Lucy clocks 3 tenths off at the GCBRA Pink Day race in Wharton, out of 1D money 9/26/15

Lucy is a half sister to Levin Lucille (Shawne Bug X Leavem Lucille), LTE over $100,000 (including futurity, open, and rodeo earnings). Levin Lucille produced the high seller at the 2011 BFA world championship sale, Luvin Fame, who sold for $50,000. Also the dam to Famouslassdance, by Born Ta Be Famous, who sold for $19,500 at the BFA sale in 2011 as well. Levin Lucille is also the dam of Born Ta Fame, by Dash Ta Fame, who placed 4th and qualified for the American Semifinals at the Jan 31 Dinasour Classic in Glen Rose! 

Lucy is a full sister to Lucy Lucille, Futurity earnings $14,000+ (now living in Canada)

2014- First Down French Filly Guys Love Lucy

2017- Triple Vodka Filly Vodkamakesmereckless

2019- Shawne Bug Leo colt Leavem Leo

2020- The Goodbye Lane colt Reckless Goodbye

2021- Mr Sassy Frenchman colt Reckless N Sassy

2022- In Foal to Flingin Roses (LBD 5/18/2021, 340 date 4/23/2022)

Reckless Lucy clocks in 1D 9/26/15

Reckless Lucy wins 2nd in the open 1D, 1st in Adult 1D GCBRA Angleton 8/8/15

Reckless Lucy places 7th at Bryan, TX PRCA rodeo

Reckless Lucy 7th place Crosby PRCA Rodeo 6/11/15

Reckless Lucy wins the open 1D and fastest time over 2 days and 250 total runners

Reckless Lucy 7th Open 1D 3rd Adult 1D GCBRA Rosenberg 1/31/15

Reckless Lucy 3rd Open 1D GCBRA 9/27/14

Reckless Lucy wins Navasota PRCA Rodeo 2012

Reckless Lucy Wins Waller County PRCA Rodeo 2011

Reckless Lucy Race Results:

Jurassic Classic 2009

Victoria Lester Meier Rodeo 2011

ANHA 2011 2D 6th place

ANHA Shootout 2010 4th 1D

Navasota PRCA Rodeo- 1st 

Hempstead PRCA Rodeo- first place tie